“The sea supplies a shifting influence through movement, shape, color and sound…
the light above the high desert moves me similarly. The sky is the ocean of the desert.”

– David Hofmann

David Hofman Artist

The fact that I am an emerging artist whose work has not been exposed to any but a few acquaintances, has allowed me the freedom to develop my style and interests in subject matter without being controlled or influenced by others’ likes and biases.

Through pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic, egg tempera and now oil and mixed media, a developing facility with diverse materials has given me the confidence to explore new ideas and see them with a widening choice of possibilities. By using gravel, gauze, cast material, hard paste and other materials as a base for the work, I am enabled to more vividly impact the viewer’s awareness with what I’m trying to convey.

Employing the use of the above materials in my recent series of cave art paintings has led to the evolution of urban cave paintings.

New ideas, realizations and opportunities are spawned whenever I am working on a piece, and they provide background and inspiration that lead to an expansion of possibilities. A constant desire has been to go deeper and deeper into my awareness and to see that self-reflection manifested in newer and more exciting work.