As an artist I try to capture feelings that transcend words. Through my creative efforts, these feelings evolve into compelling imagery. I never know what the end result will be as my paintings evolve. Painting a literal representation of something is relatively easy but to paint a feeling or thought is challenging.

Geography has a powerful influence on my psyche and process. Where I create my art has an effect on how I perceive and complete the work. The seas off the east coast supplied a shifting influence through movement, shape, color and sound. The New Mexican skies move me similarly. The sky is my ocean of my desert.

After many years of painting watercolors and acrylics on the East Coast it was time for change. Earlier in my life, I had been introduced to the Southwest by the artist Peter Hurd. He invited me to spend time painting at his ranch in San Patricio New Mexico.  Here I developed a love for the high desert. Years later I decided to return to New Mexico to paint.

Here, I first developed a new process of painting with acrylics on surfaces I built up with heavy applications of paint. I then began to paint large oil canvases to get the deeper color nuances that oil offered beyond acrylics.

Materials such hard paste, gravel and sand as well as found objects created a feeling of depth in these paintings. A series of cave images began to take form from my emerging interest in ancient petroglyphs. I did not want these pieces to be likenesses of rocks but to have the feel of actual geographic surfaces.

My time in Santa Fe has opened me up to more abstract painting. Transitioning from the structured environment of the east has had a freeing effect on my artistic expression.

My work, no matter the subject, evolves as I immerse myself in each piece. This is a vehicle of personal artist growth.